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We provide a wide range of services that will meet your land development requirements. Please find a brief explanation of terms below.

Subdivision – Essentially the splitting of a property into two or more pieces.  This includes cross leases, and unit titles.  This requires consent from the Local Authority, and involves preparation of the resource consent application, through the consent application processing phase, the post consent phase which involves meeting the conditions of the consent, to the issuance of the 224c certificate by the Local Authority and the creation of the certificates of title for the new properties by Land Information New Zealand (LINZ).

Boundary Redefinition – So you own a property, and dont know exactly where the boundary pegs are.  A boundary redefinition process involves us accurately searching for the pegs, and if they have been destroyed or removed, replacing them in their original location with new boundary pegs.

Topographic Survey – Generally these are required as part of a building consent application process.  The architect/designer will need a plan showing the slopes of the property to accurately design the earthworks required for the foundations, and to ensure that the Local Authority’s rules on boundary encroachments (height to boundary restrictions etc) are adhered to.

Resource Consent Application – There are various types of these, and are essentially submissions to the Local Authority asking permission to do something that is not permitted ‘as of right’ by the rules of the District Plan.  This may include permission to subdivide your property, permission to undertake an amount of earthworks, or to put a second dwelling on your property.  We can prepare all of these for you.

Civil Engineering – This covers all aspects of the design and construction of infrastructure associated with land development, including roads, sewer lines, street lighting, earthworks, and water.  We can design and supervise the construction of all of these.

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